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Pediatric Dentistry

Start your kids on the path to a life of healthy teeth!

A Lifetime of Happy Teeth

Good oral hygiene starts from the first tooth and continues throughout life. The ADA and our doctors recommend a child see a dentist around their first birthday. Most children get their first teeth between 6-12 months. We adore children at our office and we make every effort to use pleasant, non-threatening techniques to allow you and your child to have the best dental experience. We believe that creating a fun, easy-going atmosphere will allow your child to build confidence and trust in our dental team. Our goal is to have every child actually “like” going to the dentist.

In our waiting room, we have a child friendly area where there are books and toys for you and your child to enjoy. While getting teeth cleaned, your child has the option to watch kids' shows on Netflix which is used to distract and entertain your child. Every child is different and we get to know your child, take it slow so that they can feel comfortable and confident at our office.

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