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Preventive Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is our primary focus.  We want to help keep your teeth as healthy as possible and prevent any type of dental disease.  This is the foundation of the partnership we establish with patients: to achieve your best smile and health.  Preventative treatments include routine dental exams, prophylaxis cleanings, scaling and root planing (SRP), digital X-rays, panoramic x-rays, air polishing, sealants, night guards/occlusal guards, retainers, fluoride treatments, silver diamine fluoride (SDF), and retainers.  

Preventative Procedures

A routine dental cleaning when your hygienist uses special tools to remove sticky plaque and hard tartar deposits from the surfaces of your teeth above your gums. These cleanings are very important for preventing gum disease and even for treating very mild forms of the disease (called gingivitis).  These cleaning should be done at least 2 times a year for the average healthy person. 

Dental Cleaning
Scaling and Root Planing

Also known as SRP, it is essentially scraping the calculus or hardened plaque off roots of your teeth, below the gum line, either with a metal scaler or with an ultrasonic scaler.  Usually the hygienist will numb the area before doing the cleaning.  

Air polisher.png

Air Polisher

Air polishing involves the use of compressed air, water, and glycine (or sodium bicarbonate) powder to disrupt oral biofilm and remove stain from tooth surfaces.  This will polish your teeth and make them feel great!

Digital Dental Films or Xrays

Our digital dental Xrays have much lower radiation than the conventional Xrays which have been offered in the past- about 80% less radiation! We take these films on a regular basis so that we can do a thorough exam, and detect issues not clinically visible.


Panorex Films

This is a larger digital X-ray that includes the all the teeth, sinus, condylar joint and the whole mandible.  We now have the Plan Meca 3D scan which has the lowest radiation of panorex machines on the market.  The Plan Meca 3D can also take other types of extra-oral Xrays for patients that gag easily.


A thin, protective coating of filling material that adheres to the chewing surface of your back teeth.  The covering “seals” off the bacteria from getting into the groove to prevent future cavities.

Braces Check
Woman Sleeping
Occlusal Guard/Night Guard

Occlusal guards are often called night guards and are coverings worn over teeth.  They are used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding during the night.  They often can be used to balance or protect the jaw to prevent jaw pain as well.  


Thin mouth pieces that keep teeth in the same position usually after orthodontics.  There are many types of retainers.  The most common types we use at our office are essix (a thin clear plastic material that goes over teeth) or the traditional type called a ‘Holly” retainer (wires that go along the teeth connected to plastic). 

Silver Diamine Flouride
Flouride Treatment

Silver Diamine Flouride(SDF)-  is applied directly to cavities to instantly stop the process of decay.  This can be useful to halt decay that is around old crowns, in-between roots of teeth or in a mouth that has rampant decay which can slow down the disease process until fillings can be done.

The application of fluoride on the teeth usually after a teeth cleaning to help prevent cavities, strengthen the teeth, decrease sensitivity and kill bacteria.

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