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Comfort Services

Our patients' comfort is very important to our office.  Let’s be honest-dentistry can cause a lot of people anxiety and stress.  We prioritize our patients comfort and ease.  Most importantly we pride our office in being understanding and we do our best to listen to our patients needs.  We offer pillows and blankets, and headphones so that the patient can listen to music or watch tv shows or movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  We also have Nitrous oxide(laughing gas) or can prescribe a mild sedative to help relax a patient even more.  Our goal is for each patient to walk out of our office feeling like they have had a first-class experience.

Nitrous Oxide

A colorless gas that is know as laughing gas.  A patient will breath nitrous mixed with oxygen to help them relax during ther dental appointment.  The advantage to using this is that the within five minutes after use the patient feels normal and is able to drive home etc.  

Oral Sedation

This is another great way to help a patient relax during their appointment.  When appropiate the dentist can give the patient a prescription for medicine.  For this type of sedation the patient is awake but very relaxed during the procedure.  The patient must have a responsible adult drive them to and from the dental appointment.

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